“DC”: “Batman” could have a new game


If you are a Dark Knight fan, you should have played titles like Batman: Arkham City or Arkham Night. These two titles had a resounding success on the PS3 and PS4 console. If you were waiting for a new DC superhero game, you will like this news.

Rumours have appeared that Batman will have a new game. Warner Bros. would be working on the new title of his video game franchise, which will be announced at the 2019 Game Awards that will be held on December 12.

The source that mentioned this rumour, is the same as a notice about the cancellation of the game that starred Damian Wayne. This has gained strength in Reddit because many fans consider it one of the most reliable sources.

At the moment, there are not many details, but apparently, it could be revealed as soon as possible for fans. Moreover, it seems to be one of the first games for the new console PS5 of Sony. Would you like a new DC Dark Knight game?

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