DC Studios, Zack Snyder fans now have it with James Gunn: but they should celebrate

In one of the most important news in the recent history of Warner Bros and DC, in these hours it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran will be the co-presidents of DC Studios, an evolution of the previous DC Films: but the thing, curiously, is not was well taken by fans of Zack Snyder.

DC fans loyal to the director’s work Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, in fact, in the minutes following the announcement on the new direction taken by the Warner Bros Discovery franchise, they immediately turned to social media to declare that James Gunn’s work at the head of DC Studios will decree the death of the Snyderverse and any hope of a return of Zack Snyder to DC: but we are at the most total paradox.

Because, in fact, the new role of James Gunn as the creative leader of DC Studios does not at all mark the so-called “death of the Snyderverse”, quite the contrary: apart from the fact that never before, in recent years, the fruits of the saga built by Zack Snyder seem ready to be caught, with practically all the actors chosen by the director for his Justice League project still on board, from Jason Momoa to Gal Gadot, with Ben Affleck who will even be back in Aquaman 2 and Henry Cavill officially confirmed again as Superman.

The complaints from fans this time around are really hard to understand, especially since if it ever exists in the Multiverse a timeline where Zack Snyder really returns to DCis precisely the one with James Gunn at the helm of the franchise: leaving aside the long friendship that binds the two authors (who even worked together at the time of the remake of Dawn of the Dead, directed by Snyder and scripted by Gunn), in the declaration to comment on the birth of DC Studios James Gunn specifically mentioned the goal of wanting ‘to preserve the artistic expression of the directors involved’ in the next projects of the saga.

In short, it is not certain that the appointment of James Gunn will translate into a return of Zack Snyder to DC, but in the same way the controversy against his role appears not only exaggerated, but paradoxical. As usual we will see how the situation will evolve, in the meantime continue to follow us.

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