DDE Ufro provided funds for student initiative projects

During the ceremony, five projects were recognized and awarded with economic incentives, which will give them the opportunity to promote social work and strengthen their ties with the regional community.

With excellent student participation and presence of officials Seema UniversityProject agreement signing ceremony was held Student Initiative 2023, This example seeks to encourage the participation of Ufro students from student groups, student centers and non-grouped graduate students in activities that promote comprehensive training and improvement of the quality of life of the university and regional community.

In view of this, Directorate of Student Development ,dde), through its division Citizenship and Student InvolvementCreated this funding fund with the aim of promoting and supporting work along different lines of action of student initiatives, taking into account their impact and importance in the integral formation of each student.

At the project delivery ceremony in line with the call for the first semester of 2023, three student groups, a student center and a group of occupational therapy students signed agreements to receive funds to finance their projects. These initiatives focus on a wide variety of actions, such as sustainability, gender equality, education, health and comprehensive well-being.

Sergio Salgado Salgado, Director of Student Development, highlighted: “Student initiative projects allow our students to express their values ​​and disseminate them within the University community and across the region, benefiting a variety of people. Furthermore, students strengthen their general skills and their comprehensive training by having the opportunity to develop projects of interest to them”.

The conference was attended by university officials such as Rector Eduardo Hebel Weiss, who emphasized that student projects provide additional skills, competencies and fundamental experiences for the students’ professional future.

Likewise, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Studies, Pamela Ibarra Palma, highlighted the importance of university support in student initiatives through projects funded by the DDE to provide comprehensive training; and Paola Olave Müller, Director of Links with the Environment, highlighted the importance of these initiatives to strengthen ties with the community and contribute to regional development.

In addition, the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Renato Hunter Alarcon; Barbara Raposo Mendez, Head of Citizenship and Student Involvement, and DDE’s Citizenship and Student Involvement Division team.

The call period for second semester student initiative projects will be between August 28 and September 11. All information will be published on the website:

Award Winning Student Initiative

George Lauterman

“(Re)connecting with Nuke Mapu: Knowing to Care for Nature”
Jorge Lauterman Huentlio, Faculty of Medicine Student Union

“This is a great collective and individual achievement. As an environmental activist, it fills me with satisfaction to unite my personal commitment with the teacher’s student union. We are very happy and this milestone means a lot Keeps us going because it encourages us to move forward.” To create environmental awareness not only among the students of our Faculty, but throughout the University.

jennifer flores

“Humanizing Care in Mental Health Contexts: Improving the Physical Spaces of the HHHA Adult Psychiatric Intensive Care Hospital Unit”
Jennifer Flores Silva, Occupational Therapy

“As occupational therapy students, there are many benefits in terms of personal and professional development while developing our project. We emphasize the importance of providing meaningful contributions to other people and promoting a humane approach to medical care. This approach reflected both in the clinical setting as well as in the new field of the psychiatric intensive care hospital unit (UHCIP).

diego leva

Diego Leiva, Ufro Taekwondo Association

“It is important for us to spread Taekwondo and provide opportunities, inspiring and exciting to the boys and girls of Villa Alegre School. We know that not everyone has the opportunity to learn about this sport or practice it in an academy , so we are happy to be the medium to promote it in Temuco ”.

javiera fierro

“Simple Women: Lighting the Flame in Science and Engineering”
Javiera Fierro Leiva, UFRO Nucleus of Women in Engineering and Science Group

“Winning this project is important to us, as it will allow us to foster more women’s interest in engineering and science careers. Our goal is to close the gap and show women who have not yet entered university Done that it is possible to study, have a bright future and achieve your dreams.

patrick fernandez

“appreciate and disseminate the importance of the Fungi kingdom as a response to organic waste management and access to food and medicine”
Patricio Fernandez Luengo, Ufro Fungi Group

“This occasion is a big boost to strengthen our activities done throughout the year. We have done various activities with boys, girls and our faculty members to bring them closer to the fungus kingdom. This project is an appreciation for these creatures. Because seeing and touching them is beyond what can be experienced in a book.

written byAuthor: Student Development Office

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