DDR5 RAM is more expensive and availability is declining

Support for the new DDR5 memories is one of the features of the Intel Alder Lake platform. However, many users are unable to get new dice.

Even before the premiere of Intel’s 12th generation chipsets, manufacturers predicted a 60% increase in the price of new memory devices in relation to the DDR4 standard. The situation, however, looks worse than forecasted ?? poor availability on the market translates into astronomical prices of memory sets.

The main reason is the shortage of PMICs (Power Management Integrated Circuit) responsible for power management. Interestingly, the cost of the chip to produce DDR5 memory is ten times greater than that of the chip used in DDR4. The main difference of the DDR5 standard is the transfer of power management from the motherboard to the memory module itself. This requires a new, special chip that allows the memory to draw power directly from the power supply.

Unfortunately, there is no question of improving the accessibility in the near future when it comes to memory dice – the earliest lead times for chip orders are astronomical 35 weeks. Also, the prices of DDR5 modules themselves will not drop quickly to the level of their predecessors. A temporary salvation for people who have tried to buy a motherboard and a new generation processor may be the purchase of older DDR4 bones. You have to remember that not every motherboard supports both DDR5 and DDR4.

Problems with DDR5 memory availability.  Prices can reach to space - Illustration # 1

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