dead boy on a scooter in Piazza Annibaliano

More blood on the streets of the capital and one more death in a road accident aboard a scooter. A 23-year-old boy died after falling from the private electric vehicle he was driving in the African Quarter area.

The drama took place around 2:00 on the night between 10 and 11 November in Piazza Annibaliano. The young man was noticed by some passing motorists lying on the ground at Viale Eritrea. When 118 intervention was requested, the ambulance health personnel could do nothing, except to ascertain the death of the young man – a foreign citizen residing in the capital for years.

The agents of the II Parioli group of the local police of Roma Capitale intervened on the spot. Having carried out the first scientific surveys, it would seem to be an autonomous accident, which would not involve other vehicles with white helmets that continue the investigations to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the umpteenth road tragedy on the roads of the capital. Elemeni useful for the investigation could come from the vision of the security cameras in the area and from the words of any witnesses who witnessed the incident.

Antonio Supino died aboard a scooter

The death of the 23-year-old follows another tragedy within a few hours, which took place not far from the African Quarter and which always involved a man who was driving a scooter. On Wednesday morning, Antonio Supino, a 63-year-old Roman resident of Prati, had lost his life. Fatal for man was the fall from the electric vehicle which took place shortly after 7:30 yesterday in via Anapo, in the area of ​​Villa Ada, at Salario. Also in this case it would be an autonomous accident that would not involve other vehicles.

To give the alarm a resident of via Anapo recalled by the sound of the fall of the man who ended up with the scooter against some scooters parked on the street of the II town hall. Among the hypotheses that Antonio Supino may have lost control of the scooter after encountering a road depression. The nearest hole, however, would be about ten meters away from the discovery of the body. Another hypothesis taken into consideration is that he may have had an illness.

To reconstruct the dynamics in this will be the agents of the Vescovio police station who acquired the video surveillance images to dispel any doubts about the involvement of a possible pirate of the road.

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