Dead Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid, Author of Everquest, Vanguard and Pantheon

Unfortunately, Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid, author of very important MMORPGs like Everquest, Vanguard and the upcoming Pantheon, died during the night.

Unfortunately, Brad McQuaid, better known as Aradune, died during the night. The announcement, without going into details, was the official Twitter account of Pantheon, his new MMORPG currently in development. McQuaid became famous for having developed such important titles as Everquest and Vanguard, he is considered one of the fathers of modern MMOs.

Just the official Twitter account of the Everquest series wanted to remember McQuaid with a heartfelt message, in which the importance of his contribution in creating the game and his universe is recognized: “We are devastated by having learned of the death of Braid McQuaid and are eternally grateful to him for his key role in creating the Everquest universe. It has changed our life and its influence on us is immeasurable. Continue your great mission, Aradune. 

We join our condolences to the family for this terrible loss.

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