Dean Deblois Tells His Animated Trilogy, Dragon Trainer

In 2010, a series of animated feature films not owned by Disney debuted on the big screen with its first chapter. In 2019, the same saga, carried out by the same director, came to an end with the film # 3. Dean DeBlois tells the Dragon Trainer trilogy.

At DeBlois the sequels are not exactly genius, so he worked with all his strength to do justice to the Dragon Trainer saga ( How To Train Your Dragon in the original) and keep the quality of the narrative high, as revealed by the microphones of Deadline.

“The biggest challenge was maintaining the integrity and quality of the stories. So many trilogies lose hits with the third chapter. We didn’t want to disappoint our fans, who were very active on social media”¬†the director explains, and adds¬†” The trick was not to make us hate for what we would have told [in the third chapter], a story with a bittersweet ending, albeit with a message full of optimism, and in not traumatizing the audience of the little ones or having fans in revolt for separating Hiccup and Toothless in the final “¬†.

And speaking of the final, who knows how it feels to have written the end word after ten years …

“It is a relief, a satisfaction, and pride, I think because it is largely the same people who worked on all three films. It’s such a rare opportunity, to be able to tell a story in three acts, and be able to bring it at the end just as planned, and not seeing it end up off the track or suddenly turned into a sequel factory that we didn’t want. I feel I can say that we stayed true to ourselves and that we tried to do the best we could with the characters “Now that it’s over, it tastes bittersweet, because we’re not all working together on the same project, but this is our great achievement. So it’s been worth the whole decade.¬†

But this also means saying goodbye to the world and to the characters you have spent so much time with.

I felt close to many of these things, and I believe that all those who worked on it also tried the same.¬†So, we feel great love for these characters and this world “and concludes¬†DeBlois¬†“But I believe that, in retrospect, it is also a relief to be able to close the book, and open another completely new, with new stories and new characters, and embark on a new creative adventure”.

And if you still don’t want to say goodbye to the world created by DeBlois,¬†an¬†animated spin-off series by Dragon Trainer¬†will soon arrive¬†on Netflix.

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