Dear bill and electric car / 2 right accounts and there is no race

Dear bill and electric car / 2: with the right accounts there is no race at all, writes Giorgio, an electrical engineer who works in the energy sector. As a good engineer, he reconsidered the simulation created by, taken up by all the newspapers, and already reported by many of our readers as you can read here. And he took them apart like that.

electric car accounts
The electric car on balance (but fair) is still worthwhile, despite the expensive bill

I’m an engineer, I travel in Mustang Mach-e: that’s how much I spend to recharge it

I am writing to you to shed some light on an article published on the La Repubblica website, also taken up by Milano Finanza.

As an electrical engineer I can only be a happy owner a few months ago Mustang Mach-e extended 4WD. In the face of the only disadvantage linked to the charging times and sites, a disadvantage that in a few months is rapidly reducing (now the fastcharge columns are more and more numerous and seeing the car charging at 150 kW I must say that it gives me shivers) for the rest I can only count advantages. Primarily driving pleasure and silence which greatly increase driving comfort, especially for my three children who have always suffered from the car and feel much better with it. Let us leave the noises and vibrations of the thermal engines, for many years to come, I hope, to the circuits where, on the other hand, electric competitions sadden me enormously.

Bad faith, ignorance or problems with algebra?

I have been working in the electricity and gas markets for many years now figures I read in the article make me think oa bad faith, ignorance of the markets or problems with algebra.

I delighted in pulling down a multiplication table with prices these days using the consumptions given by the article. I retroactively calculated the cost of fuels in order to have the most comparable data possible.

electric car accounts
The costs of recharging the electric car: here are the right accounts Note: -Today gasoline and Diesel are serving large discounts on excise duties that sooner or later will return -This is my cost having fixed the price 9 months ago. With the prices that are developing on the electricity market in these days of October, we will return to LOWER figures – Base rate that the major providers provide to recharge up to 22 kW – Rate used by everyone on ultra-fast charging stations

I just wonder why i is used for thermals theoretical consumption, very, very far from the real ones, while for the electric it seems to me that the real ones are used, in the case of the B segment perhaps even pejorative. In my opinion, the hypothesis of bad faith is the most well-founded …

Where do those absurd rates come from?

Having said that, I still have at home for a few months a flat rate with a finite energy cost of approx € 0.30 / kWh (it would be more convenient to use MWh but peace) and therefore with those prices the battle is ruthless, any petrol or diesel thermal is light years away from my costs.

My car, segment D, costs just over one third of thermal analog, I am obviously talking about real consumption !!! But also I loaded myself with the usual 22 kW AC columns in which the rate is € 0.450 / KWh (BePower consumption rate, if I joined the flat rate the price would be much lower) the cost would be always winningalbeit in a less conspicuous way.

Defeat occurs only in the case of fast and super fast DC rechargesbut they should be extremely rare if not nil. But even here, in segment D, we would actually achieve a substantial breakeven if for the thermals we used more realistic consumption.

To this I add some aspects related to the markets. As we all know, after all, oil has not seen monstrous increases, and among other things the same have been strongly mitigated from the Draghi government’s cut in excise duties. However, I would like to remind you that the aforementioned cuts will sooner or later be restored and maybe even fleshed out since in Italy, when you want to find money, you take them.

L’electricity insteadwith prices seen in August, has seen increases of about 15 times as much (prices in 18 months have gone from 50 € / MWh to around 800 € / MWh in a few hours) and therefore it is clear that the advantage ” electric ”was heavily put to the test.

The true cost of recharging is € 0.30 per kWh

But of course certain prices certainly cannot remain and in fact in October, finally, they are strongly re-entering. Yesterday, Sunday 23 October, the daily average on the electricity exchange was slightly above 100 € / MWh, or 10 c € / kWh.

As you see hypothesize a recharge price of 30c € / KWh as in my long-term prospect it is even too cautious !!! Before the mess on energy prices at home, a kWh was paid on average around 20c € / kWh, more or less! On the other hand, diesel fuel has been running for years more or less between 1.3 and 1.8 € / lt.

Notes: – Unrealistic consumption (the real ones in my opinion are 20% higher) – Unrealistic consumptions (in my opinion the real ones are 20% higher) – Quite realistic consumption (I would remove 10%)
Notes: Consumption even less realistic (the real ones for gasoline in my opinion are 20% higher) – Consumption even less realistic (the real ones for diesel in my opinion are 20% higher) -But how, a C-segment electric car consumes less than one of the B? Still quite realistic.
Notes: – 300 HP diesel cars that really do 16 km / lt ????? But when ever – Realistic electric consumption, mine makes 360 horsepower and has a consumption from the start of 5.6 km / kWh

In the tables I allowed myself to calculate the price of the single electric kWh that would make the accounts even out of the kilometric cost between the various technologies. I’m very high prices that although they have been real for a few weeks they are not sustainable by any world economic system, and the prices on the markets these days are just the proof that operators have been supporting for some time.

In short, both Le Repubblica and Milano Finanza have very, very grossly wrong the accounts.Ing. Giorgio Garavagno

KWh prices, like Black Friday on Wall Street

Reply-We thank Eng. Garavagno for this analysis which substantially confirms what we wrote in the previous answer, but supports it with much more accurate data and calculations. Ours too Paolo Mariano, on ours Youtube channelpresented his real case, with a comparison between the charging costs of his VW ID3 and a similar diesel car, coming to the same conclusions: that the electric car, on balance, is still a winner.

I would add that I draw any conclusions from spot costsdetected in a limited time frame and moreover coinciding with a war all played on energy blackmail Russian seems to us completely misleading. It would be like evaluating the performance of your financial investments the day after Black Friday on Wall Street.

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