DEAR ENERGY Pellets on sale at very expensive prices even in the Lodi area: “But it is always a safe expense”

DEAR ENERGY Pellets on sale at very expensive prices even in the Lodi area:

Stefano Prevosti of the Fdt of Lodi (Ribolini)

  • Wednesday 21 September 2022

Retailers warn of goods sold on the downside

With energy and gas prices skyrocketing, heating homes, classrooms and offices will soon become an expensive luxury.

These increases, together with concerns about the cut in supplies, have contributed to creating a rush to buy pellets for stoves in our country.

In recent times, the sale of these products has been around dizzying numbers: this, combined with the blocking of exports from Eastern countries, has led to a surge in costs.

Pellets have now become a very expensive commodity. There are many businesses that sell this combustible chipboard, such as the Hobby Legno store in viale Milano in Lodi.

The owner, Stefano Prevosti, tries to provide an explanation that clarifies the price increase: “Prices have been rising since February: in fact, it has gone from € 4.95 per bag to the current € 11 or more, again for pellets. of the same quality. With each load the suppliers increase the costs. It is said that in pellet producing countries, such as those of Eastern Europe, attempts are made to retain as much material as possible, in view of future unknowns concerning the gas and energy issue. Therefore, there is very little left for exports. However, the demand always remains the same and therefore, according to the law of the market, prices can only increase ». But despite this, pellets continue to be “sold and marketed regularly”, as explained by Oreste Novazzi, from the agricultural emporium of the same name in Cornegliano Laudense. One of the reasons why pellet stoves have taken hold and continue to be used is to be found for Novazzi in the fact that a lot of pellets, even if subject to price increases, are still a safe and verifiable expense: “At 11 euros 15kg of pellets correspond – explains Novazzi -, there are no surprises: the customer knows how much he spends and what he goes to buy in real time. Instead, with the canonical heating systems, the reports are presented only within the bill ». Prevosti and Novazzi, however, invite consumers to be wary of non-certified goods or goods sold suspiciously at a discount: «Our products are guaranteed and of excellent quality. In fact, it is important that the pellets possess certain characteristics, so that upon combustion it does not generate harmful fumes ».


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