Dear energy. The excise tax may drop even before Christmas

– The Prime Minister’s announcements indicate that the reduction of excise duty on all carriers will be considered – electricity, natural gas, fuels. It is definitely some direction to reduce prices. The only question is what scale this cut would be – says Batory.

The lawyer assumes that the change will be made through an amendment to the Excise Duty Act. This can happen practically overnight. Of course, the law will have to be adopted by the Senate and signed by the president. – I do not expect any opposition from the opposition in this respect. I believe that vacatio legis would appear, and the reduction could come into effect on January 1, 2022, although an earlier date, for example December 15, cannot be ruled out, if the government wanted to introduce changes before Christmas, he said.

From a legal point of view, the new excise duty rate could apply from the moment the law is adopted. So it can be a very quick process.

Some countries have already introduced reductions, also in Poland it was previously postulated. – Excise duty reduction is one of the ways to reduce the costs of purchasing energy in the broad sense. To what extent it will have a real impact on the fall in prices – I do not know, we do not know the details. It can be a symbolic decline. The excise tax on electricity is already only PLN 5 per 1 MWh. Bearing in mind that electricity costs PLN 400 or PLN 500 per MWh, the difference will not be large. It may be different in the case of fuels, he said.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informed on Monday that the reduction of the excise tax on energy carriers is to be one of the elements of the government’s anti-inflationary package. However, the prime minister did not provide any details.

A few days ago, a poll was conducted by the Pollster Research Institute on behalf of “Super Express”, which shows that 90 percent. Poles expect a reduction in the excise tax on fuel. Only 3 percent. of respondents asked whether the government should reduce the excise tax on fuel, replied negative, and 7 percent. respondents had no opinion on this matter.

According to the calculations of e-petrol, the excise tax is approx. 25 percent. 95 gasoline prices and approx. 19 percent. diesel fuel.

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