Dear energy, this is how the bonus for bars and restaurants works

The Aid-ter decree recognizes an extraordinary contribution, in the form of a tax credit, in favor of companies for the purchase of electricity and natural gas. Tax credits for energy-intensive, gas-intensive companies and those with large gas consumption rise from 25% to 40%, but will only cover the costs of October and November if they exceed 30% compared to the consumption incurred in 2019.

Tax credit of 30% for small businesses

The novelty of the new Aid-ter decree concerns the extension of the tax credit to meet the maxi bills that weigh on the accounts of even the smallest companies that consume less than 16Kwh (it will start from 4.5Kwh). For these, the discount will be 30% of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of energy components in the months of October and November 2022, above 30% of the average price referring to the same period in 2019.

Measure valid for two months

It is true that the measure will only last for two months (October and November), but in this way the support is extended to commercial activities such as bars, restaurants and pizzerias: in all around 2 million businesses. As well as to sports clubs.

Transferable tax credits

The tax credits can be used as compensation and do not contribute to the formation of taxable income for IRES, IRPEF and IRAP tax base. They are tax credits that can be transferred, but only in full, to third parties including credit institutions and financial intermediaries, as long as they are accompanied by a compliance visa.

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