Dear life: here’s how to save

Fighting the expensive life is becoming more and more difficult, in fact many applications are being developed that allow users to better manage their money. These apps allow families to keep their wallet under control, especially in managing their main expenses. Let’s see how they work in detail.

The most frequent theme of these months was undoubtedly the savings: Italian families and businesses are trying in every way to spend less and in a careful way, seen the increase in prices in recent months. There is an increasing rush to use “wallet-saving” applications that offer solutions for those in difficulty or who want to keep their family portfolio as balanced as possible.

The data show an increase in the use of savings app exorbitant: let’s see together which are the most used.

Savings app: car sharing at maximum usage


To reign among the savings applications most used there are those concerning the car sharing. The sharing economy is always in fashion and has held up, indeed perhaps it has increased, in the period of the pandemic. The application Auting allows users to find peer to peer passages.

In 2022 alone, the volumes of downloads have tripled, but what are the benefits? The app allows the vehicle owner to be included in the costs of shorter or longer trips.

Savings apps: which are the most famous?


Now let’s see what the savings app most used, in particular as regards the food waste. The most used genre app is TooGoodToGo: this allows pastry shops, bakeries and supermarkets to sell surplus food for one third of their value. To give some numbers, only in the month of September 500,000 meals were saved by the app.

In the last six weeks alone, users have increased by about 6 thousand units per daydoubling the July figure which stopped at three thousand.

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