Death Stranding 2 arises? Kojima showed the teaser and players have no doubts: “it’s definitely Norman Reedus”

Hideo Kojima loves to stimulate his fans and the latest photo published by the developer has again attracted players. The creator presented a scene from the work on a possibly new title and some interested people believe that the Japanese showed Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima last year mentioned working on a new title, meanwhile Norman Reedus mentioned that he could appear in Death Stranding 2. The production was never announced, but the Japanese earlier this month confirmed that he had to make a significant overhaul of the design.

Today however Hideo Kojima has published a new photo that comes from a photo studio – in such a place employees can carefully scan the body of an actor or object and then put it in the game.

“Recently, I have been changing the plan, the script and experimenting with everything else.”

However, players quickly noticed that the man in the foreground could be Norman Reedus – although in fact Hideo Kojima took the photo in such a way as not to show too much and we can treat it like another teaser published by the creator.

“Now I also realize that a person walking by in a white shirt might as well be Norman Reedus.”

“It must be Norman Reedus.”

It’s hard to say what Hideo Kojima is planning, but as you can see, the developer is still eager to play with his fans by tossing them similar photos. Anything to arouse the interest of a wide audience.

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