Death Stranding 2 could be close to the announcement, a photo proves it

For months there has been talk of the fact that Hideo Kojima it might be really hard at work Death Stranding 2although the official status has not yet arrived.

A sequel to the PS4 masterpiece, which you can find on Amazonhas long been on everyone’s lips, with a lot of clues which begins to become more and more substantial, day after day.

After leaks have emerged in which reference is made to Death Stranding 2continue to emerge now winks published by Kojima on social media.

If just a few days ago the visit of some big shots of Sony marketing in the studios headed by the good Hideo had made the antennas stand up, a new shot now it leaves little room for imagination.

Jim Ryanpresident and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is the latest Sony big shot to be photographed with Hideo Kojima, fueling even more hope that the creator of Metal Gear Solid are working on Death Stranding 2.

Earlier this month, Kojima-san had received a visit from some PlayStation executives, including the head of marketing and later the head of PlayStation Studios. Hermen Hulst.

With Ryan joining the lineup, it’s clear Kojima Productions has something big in store linked to the PlayStation brand.

It remains to be seen whether it will be the actual sequel to the adventures of Sam Porter Bridges (or who for him), or a brand new project, maybe a new IP.

Recall that only a few days ago it was confirmed that the protagonist of a new Kojima project (perhaps the one expected on PS5) will be Elle Fanning, an actress that Hideo himself has repeatedly shown to esteem.

We therefore suggest to the fans to be patient, as Kojima will almost certainly release other new clues before the official announcement, such as those relating to the second mysterious poster.

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