Death Stranding 2 or what ?? different. Hideo Kojima teases the new project

November 25, 2021, 13:33

Hideo Kojima teases the new project. Some fans are betting it’s Death Stranding 2, but it could just as well be a new brand or movie.

Hideo Kojima seems to have started teasing his next project. Many players hope that it is about Death Stranding 2.

The creator uploaded for Twitter a photo with the message that he is going back to the set and is therefore working on improving his scenario. The photo is blurry, which did not prevent fans from speculating in the comments under Kojima’s message.

Hideo Kojima on the set of the Mysterious Project;  fans are speculating - illustration # 1

Some of the commenters hope that the blurred people in the photo are Norman Reedus and / or Mads Mikkelsen. In that case, it would be likely that it is about Death Stranding 2. The photo, however, is so vague that an attempt to select the identities of the people visible in it is pure guesswork.

Anyway, even if there was one in the picture? of these actors, it might as well be a completely different game, and Kojima just re-hired the role-playing actors he had worked with before.

Finally, the project teased by Kojima may not be a game at all. The creator has recently opened a new branch of his studio, which is to focus on films and series.

Let us recall that Death Stranding was released in November 2019 as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4. Nine months later, the production was released on PC, and recently on PlayStation 5 an extended and improved version of the project entitled Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. So far, Kojima Productions has not revealed whether any new releases from this release will ever be released on PCs.

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