Death Stranding, a Detail of the Hot Springs That Perhaps You Have Missed

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is set to return to PS5 consoles later this year, bringing the adventures of Sam Porter Bridges back into vogue.

The next-gen version of the  Kojima Productions title will in fact be available starting September 24 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Already in the trailer released on the occasion of the State of Play in July, we could see some of the news that awaits us.

On the game in question, we had already written a rich special in which we took stock of the situation about how much it costs, how to upgrade from PS4, and what changes.

Now, via Reddit, a player has noticed a particular detail relating to one of the game’s “calm” moments, namely the hot springs.

In these interludes, we see Sam dive into the warm waters completely naked, then stripped of the heavy harness useful for carrying the very heavy packages.

A user has now discovered that, in the missions in which we will be called to escort a second character, in the event that we decide to take a break in a thermal bath, the NPC on duty will also take advantage of it to take a pleasant dip without thinking twice.

We will therefore see both Sam and his “partner” resting in the warm waters of the spring, far from each other in any case: this is a detail that obviously could have escaped many players.

Recall that the Director’s Cut will allow you to experience the environment surrounding the haptic feedback of DualSense in a richer way, also taking advantage of the adaptive triggers to improve the gameplay.

The game will take advantage of the PS5’s SSD for lightning-fast loading, also counting on a performance mode  (4K upscale and 6o fps) or a fidelity mode  (4K native), both with support for ultra-wide and HDR.

Additionally, those who already own the game on PS4  will be able to purchase the  Director’s Cut for $ 10.

Have you already read in any case that Hideo Kojima has revealed that he does not like the use of the term Director’s Cut in video games?

Finally, just today Steam has unveiled the new mid-week follies, among which we also find  Death Stranding.

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