Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima defends the walking phases of Death Stranding: “This is a new genre: as happened the first time with stealth, there will be people who do not understand it”.

In Death Stranding, you will often find yourself covering large distances on foot to deliver objects and reconnect the US population. Although the battle stages and other distinctive features of the work were shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, there are those who complain about the apparent lack of rhythm of the gameplay.

In the interview given to Game Informer, the same one in which Death Stranding was compared to George Orwell’s 1984 and was told of the appreciation of the director George Miller for the project, the Japanese author stated that those who consider the game a walking simulator is definitely out of the way.

“In this game – I don’t think you understand it if I just say it – but once you start playing, walking in that world is really fun,” Kojima said.

“What I realized by monitoring the game tests, even those of the staff, is that at the beginning they don’t understand it. But when they really start to play, walking in spaces is really fun. Now everyone will say it’s a walking simulator!”.

For Kojima, it is a situation similar to the one before the launch of the first Metal Gear, when the stealth genre it was not yet known. “It’s the same thing that happened when I launched a stealth title for the first time. If 100 people play it and 100 people say it’s funny, it means that the genre or the game already exists,” he added. “This is a new genre: as it happened the first time with stealth, there will be people who will not understand it. It will take time for real evaluations.”

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