Death Stranding

In an interview published today by Game Informer, Hideo Kojima revealed that George Miller immediately grasped the nature of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding continues to be one of the most awaited events in this final part of 2019. At Tokyo Game Show 2019 substantial gameplay sequences were shown, which still leave many questions still open on the actual nature of the work conceived by Hideo Kojima.

In the interview published today, the same one in which the designer made parallelism between Death Stranding and 1984 by George Orwell, the editors of Game Informer asked the author if there was someone who, seeing his project, showed grasp its essence at first glance.

Well, apparently that someone is named after George Miller, the director of the Mad Max saga. “Especially the creators were quick to understand. Like director George Miller, who for me is a sort of mentor. In 2017 I went to Australia. I only had a trailer and explained some things to him verbally. George Miller told me: ‘in all aspects you’re right. Mathematically, psychologically, physically, philosophically “, says Kojima.

“At that point, he started drawing a diagram, he had a theory, so he said,” what you are trying to do is correct. I should have recorded it! I should have sent it to my staff! It was a really happy moment. “

We remind you that the launch date for Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8th on PlayStation 4. Hideo Kojima recently said he was already thinking about a sequel.

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