Death Stranding, the Setting Is a Nightmare, Says Those Who Have Tried It


Someone had the chance to try Death Stranding at PAX Australia, defining the disturbing setting to the point of generating nightmares.

During the PAX Australia, someone has got to try Stranding Death, the latest work by Kojima Productions, defining the ‘ setting from’ nightmare ‘. In particular, it was the journalist Erina Rose of Sausage Roll who described her brief experience with the game as disturbing.

Rose: ” The setting of Death Stranding is one of the most fearful and engaging that I have ever experienced in a video game. Even if the game world can seem bleak and lifeless, you never have the feeling of being really alone … .and it is terrifying. “

According to Rose, one of Death Stranding is an “immense open world with very large spaces where the player is completely exposed. When night falls they begin to hear its disturbing, without having the idea of ​​what they are. “It seems to be particularly disturbing the fog, which not only amplifies the sounds but also hides the floating figures that go towards the protagonist. Rose was so terrified that she passed the controller to a friend of hers, incapable as she was of continue playing, in

short, that the void of Death Stranding is functional to its atmosphere? That those spaces hide more than it appears? Or is it the hype that plays tricks? Only the final version can tell us, hoping that the soundtrack it wasn’t really composed by Max Pezzali (jokes).

For the rest, we remind you that the release date of Death Stranding was set for November 8, 2019, exclusively on PS4.

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