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RIYADH: On Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo re-won the affection of his fans in Saudi Arabia when he celebrated his goal by performing Ardaah, one of the kingdom’s most recognizable traditional dances.

Al-Nasr’s captain played well and scored two goals despite a disallowed goal.

After he scored the team’s second goal, the Portugal international turned to his home fans and raised his hand to perform his own version of the ardah.

The dance is one of the main traditions of the state and was added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2015. It is danced on special occasions including official visits of world leaders, national holidays and cultural festivals.

A user on the social network claimed, “Since his first day in Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo’s statements have been full of love, respect and respect for the country and the great project we are working on and today he Let’s celebrate it with.”

Another posted: “The best player in the world doesn’t just score goals, he also exports Saudi culture to the world.”

In Ardah, dance performances begin with a chant that was once used to rouse warriors in the face of the enemy. And it was in the same spirit that the global superstar looked to lead his team to victory after a disastrous start to the season, losing to Steven Gerrard-led Al-Ittifaq as well as Al-Tawaun.

And he did exactly that.

Ronaldo’s two penalties helped Nasr secure a 4-0 win against Al-Shabab at Al-Awwal Park in the Saudi capital. Al-Shabab were undoubtedly Al-Nassr’s toughest challenge for the new season, but the home side looked comfortable throughout the contest.

Ronaldo pulled himself aside to allow Abdelrahman Gharib to take the penalty in 63I minutes, even though the Portuguese star was close to scoring a hat-trick. Gharib’s shot was well saved and his next shot was disallowed.

In the 18th minute, a lobbed header by Ronaldo went into Shabab’s net.I minute, but this was also disallowed after the VAR (video referee) vehemently claimed that he had pushed Fawaz Al-Sagourak before the kick.

Despite a poor start to the season, Nassar remains one of the favorites to win the Saudi Pro League, and this crucial win in the Riyadh tie puts him back on track.

Ronaldo, one of the most successful talented footballers in the world, has settled into his new home with the aim of achieving new achievements. He was seen hanging out with his family, enjoying the tourist attractions and nightlife of his new city. He has even been seen in public wearing the traditional Saudi thobe.

“The greatest experience I’ve ever had here was when I went to Boulevard World, which I really enjoyed,” he said in an interview with SPL. “I brought my whole family there.”

And Saudi also hugged the player.

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Ronaldo celebrates victory with his teammate Abdel Rahman Gharib. (AFP)

Party-goers in Taif combined Ronaldo’s famous ‘Siou’ goal celebration with a traditional dance called ‘Majrour’ and the resulting video went viral on social media.

Ronaldo, one of the first big names to sign with the SPL, was joined by several top players from European leagues in the Championship, including Karim Benzema, Neymar, Sadio Mane and Riyad Mahrez.

In June, the Public Investment Fund, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, took a 75% stake in four clubs: Al-Hilal, Al-Nassar, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahli.

The decision is part of Kingdom’s strategy to make the SPL one of the best in the world.

Ronaldo believes it is an achievable goal with positive contributions from the league. “In my opinion, if they keep doing the work they want to do in the next five years, I think the Saudi league could be the fifth (best league) in the world,” he told SPL.

Ronaldo described Nassar’s presentation as “one of his best moments in football”, adding that he was happy to be in Saudi Arabia. “I will be a part of your culture. I’ll be there.”

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