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A summit to understand what is wrong with the country and to try to sensitize the political class and public opinion to build a better territory. In recent days – still remotely – the members of the association “Lacco Ameno as I would like it to be” met to discuss a series of critical issues that are widely visible in the Municipality of the Mushroom.
At the end of the debate, a press release was drawn up which reads verbatim: “Our country is experiencing a stalemate that does not benefit any of its citizens. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan offers the possibility to promote and support the digital transformation of the country, the innovation of the production system and the possibility of investing in two key sectors for Italy: tourism and culture. And it is for the above reasons that the associates have decided to formulate proposals and projects to improve the lives of the citizens of Lacco Ameno, hoping to involve valid professionals in this project. The themes identified were: Liveability, environment and territory. In particular: The post-earthquake and reconstruction; the completion of the waste water disposal and purification system; the improvement of separate waste collection with rewarding mechanisms for the virtuous citizen; setting up of public toilets on the territory of the municipality. Then again public use of the coast (a tourist destination must have a free beach) and transparency, dialogue and participation and in particular create opportunities for dialogue between citizens and the administration and better inform citizens about the activities of the Municipality ”. The activists of the association agreed to continue the meetings both face to face and online. The next appointments will be communicated through the media and the facebook group “Lacco Ameno as I would like it to be”.

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