December PlayStation Plus games leaked. Nice mix

One of the starting PlayStation 5 titles in it!

For the fourth time in a row, information about the games coming to PS Plus appeared “pre-premiere” on the French Dealabs forum. So you can assume with a fairly high degree of certainty that also this time their information will turn out to be reliable. What are the results of them?

It follows that three games will be added to the PS Plus offer in December. The first of them, intended for PlayStation 5, will be Godfall XXXXXX Edition. T.about hack & slash from Gearbox that debuted with PS5. Maybe he didn’t get overly enthusiastic opinions, but he could definitely be praised for the graphics.

It seems like a good argument to at least try this position out. How to understand these XXXXXX Edition? It is not known yet, such a term has not appeared in the context of this game before. So you can let your imagination run wild.

Down Godfall Two more PS4 games will join. Lego DC Super Villains is another Lego game for which I have the impression that everyone has lost count. Well, it’s probably not a bad fun, especially in cooperation and especially for the youngest.

The third item is Mortal Shell, which also hit Game Pass in November. This is another variation on the theme Souls, but quite warmly received – so fans of this type of production should have nothing to complain about.

Summa summarum looks quite decent.

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