Declared war between the Beckhams and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? The underside of their estrangement revealed

Between the Sussexes and the Beckhams: it’s over. While the two couples seemed very close and had become friends, it would seem that all of that is now a thing of the past. And this, even if the Beckhams had been invited to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in 2018. We explain.

According to Tom Bower, author of the book on the Beckhams, who was interviewed by the British media The Sun, the two couples would be cold. The reason ? The Sussexes allegedly suspect the Beckhams of leaking stories about their private life to the tabloids. Rumors and allegations that would have made “completely furious” David Beckham. According to the author who will release his book in 2024, following these statements, Prince Harry would have totally “snubbed” David Beckham in October 2018 during the Invictus Games.

Too much scramble?

As reported by our colleagues from Madame Figaro, Meghan Markle would also be the source of a tense conversation between Prince Harry and David Beckham. The cause of the confusion? Victoria Beckham would have reported to English tabloids that she had supported Meghan Markle in 2017, in order to protect her from the paparazzi, by lending her their villa in Los Angeles. She would also have given him “makeup advice”. Information disclosed to the public that would not have pleased Meghan Markle. While Victoria Beckham totally denies this speech, the Duchess of Sussex would have been “hurt” by the situation. While the couple were invited to the Sussexes wedding ceremony in 2018, they were reportedly not invited to the dinner party that evening. Over time, relations would have become more strained between the two couples.

In response, David Beckham would have joined Kate Middleton and Prince William in Boston in December 2022, to support them during the promotion of their Earthshot prize. During this event, David Beckham kissed the Princess of Wales on the cheek. What to disappoint Meghan Markle. According to an anonymous source, a reconciliation would be “unlikely” today. So, what do you think ?

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