Declines on the WSE. Energy is a ball and chain

2021-11-25 17:43

2021-11-25 17:43

Declines on the WSE.  Energy is a ball and chain
Declines on the WSE.  Energy is a ball and chain
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Thursday’s session on the WSE did not change the mood. The WIG20, exhausted by the power industry, deepens the four-month lows.

The WIG20 lost 0.46% today, slipping to 2,229.44 points. During the last 13 sessions, the main WSE index recorded 11 drops. During this time, the WIG20 score dropped by nearly two hundred.

The indexes of smaller companies also fell: mWIG40 (-0.24%) and sWIG80 (-0.19%). The broad WIG fell by 0.38 percent. The turnover reached nearly PLN 800 million. It is worth adding that today Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US, therefore the activity of foreign investors was very limited.

Among the sector indices, WIG-Energia stood out in the foreground – and negatively at that. On the day the government announced the details of the “inflation shield”, which is to protect households, incl. before the increase in energy prices, PGE shares fell 6.67 percent, Tauron lost 4 percent and Enea 2.46 percent. The charts of Orlen (-1.72 percent) and Lotos (-1.47 percent) also headed south – the government package also provides for a reduction in prices at stations.

Today, JSW (3.91%) was on the other side of the market, which was related to the increase in coal prices on global markets and the information about signing an annex to the contract for the sale of coke on the Austrian market. A modest group of companies, which grew by at least 1%, was supplemented by Asseco Poland (2.01%), Mercator (1.86%) and CCC (1%). Today, a lot of fundamental information has come from the footwear company, including primarily the results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021/22.

Today, the shares of CD Projekt and Allegro are closely watched by investors (1st and 2nd place in our popularity ranking). E-commerce tycoon down only 0.05%, game producer up 0.29%.

Among the remaining companies, Zremb-Chojnice (46.79%) attracted attention. Yesterday, the company announced the signing of a rather secret letter of intent related to a government contract.

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