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Inside of Annual declaration of taxesthe Physical persons They have the opportunity deduct interest on mortgage loans who have paid during the last fiscal year looking to get a positive balance before the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

During all the month of April the Individuals can make your tax returnwhere they can deduct expenses such as those related to the Health, education, funeral expenses and the interest on mortgage loans, from Infonativ, Fovissste and banks, as long as the credit is less than five million pesos.

2022 the high inflation caused a change in the calculation of real interest which will make the amounts of real interest rates very small or nil.


According to Article 151 of the Law of income tax (ITL) provides that real interest of what was paid during the year is deductible on mortgage loans obtained from housing organizations such as the Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) and the Housing Fund of the Social Security and Services Institute for State Workers (FOVISSSTE).

To obtain real interest, you must make a formula to the subtract the annual rate of inflation to the interest actually paidso when the annual inflation is very highthe deductions are less.

If you want to make this deduction, you must also have the Proof of InterestA document must request the institution with which it has contracted credit and where real interest paid as a taxpayer will be reflected.

The document is issued directly with the credit institutions, the procedure is free and both in Infonavit like in Fovissste I know you can check online through its service portals.

It should only be noted that the credit must not exceed 5 million pesos and it can only be deducted if the amount of interest plus the sum of the other possible inferences to be included in the annual declaration not more than 15 percent of the person’s annual income.

A mortgage credit being one that lasts for less than five years, is a highly recommended deduction when done because is more pay mortgage interest than the capital.


Regarding the situation for annual declaration of this 2022The SAT by a statement said the annual inflation rate will have a negative impact in the calculation of the real interest on mortgage loansso there will be very small amounts or zero real interest rates.

This is because, according to the INEGI until December 2021 the interest rate was 7.36 percent.

It is noteworthy that the inflationary effect of 2021 negatively impacted the calculation of real interest mortgage institutions that determine the financial system“Said the SAT in the statement. “This means a decrease in the pre-loaded personal deduction amount for this category”.

Given the situation, network users pointed out that in institutions such as the Fovissste the record of interest can no longer be generated because the annual adjustment for inflation of the average credit exceeds the amount of interest paid.

A respect, Fovisste responded to users who are pending portal and Calculation Certificate option when the discount factor applied to determine the annual adjustment for inflation set by law and the actual outcome.

“Most of the loans have a nominal rate of 6 percent per year, lower percentage to the annual increase in the National Consumer Price Index to Consumer (INPC), which for the year 2021 was of the 7.36 percent,” he explained the Fovisste network social. “For fiscal year 2021 the majority of mortgage loans did not generate real interest Fovisste paid”.

Remember to perform deductions in the annual declaration before him SAT it is necessary have electronic invoices issued by service providers. Payment for these services must be made with nominative check the taxpayer, electronic funds transfer, Credit cards, debit or of service.

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