Defense Minister of Ukraine: It is important that the public does not panic

2021-12-06 13:31

2021-12-06 13:31

Defense Minister of Ukraine: It is important that the public does not panic
Defense Minister of Ukraine: It is important that the public does not panic
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It is important that Ukrainian society does not panic, because the Kremlin can take advantage of this, said Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with the Armija Inform portal on Monday.

The Russian side often “uses pressure and bluff, trying to raise the stakes and achieve some goal” – assessed the minister. “But the Russians are extremely pragmatic, although they try to seem so … unpredictable. They assess the risk very well,” said Reznikov.

Referring to the spring concentration of troops on Ukrainian borders, the minister stressed that Russia’s goal at that time was to attract US attention and force Washington to talk without exposing itself to new sanctions. “They got what they wanted. Intimidation was the way to achieve the goal,” said Reznikov.

According to him, “it is extremely important that Ukrainian society does not panic.” “As if they saw in the Kremlin that we + wobble +, they could try to break in. And the demonstrative escalation testifies to the fact that in the talks in the current format, when Russia tries to play the role of + intermediary + between Ukraine and its puppets, the Kremlin is failing. So it begins. brandish a weapon “- said the minister.

In his opinion, the current escalation at the Ukrainian borders is similar to the situation in spring, “but no one knows exactly what the Russian leaders have in mind.” Reznikov believes that Russia is trying to “create a spectrum of possibilities and a favorable ground, including for a military scenario.”

“The shortest path (leading) to this is chaos in Ukraine, internal destabilization, panic, skepticism. Hence the news, attempts to use the anti-COVID-19 vaccination movement and others.” he continued.

Reznikov added: “If the Ukrainian society does not lose its head, if foreign partners fill the declarations with concrete actions, the credibility of the escalation decreases.”

In the minister’s opinion, the maximum plan for Russia is “to make sure that there is no Ukraine at all”. “It’s not a secret,” he added.

“A possible escalation must be avoided, because it will be a disaster for both Russia and Europe,” emphasized Reznikov.

From Kiev Natalia Dziurdzińska (PAP)

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