Deloitte hires another 3,500 professionals

Revenues of approximately 1,070 million euros for the fiscal year 2022 (ending May 31, 2022), up 20% compared to the previous year: these are the results recorded by Deloitte in Italy which also expects more than 3,500 hires by May 2023. “Deloitte continues to grow in Italy and to invest in young people, supporting companies and institutions”, comments the Italian CEO Fabio Pompei, in announcing the financial results. «We continue to focus on excellent skills and oversee all the major challenges of the moment such as technological transformations, cyber security, artificial intelligence and ESG issues. The goal is to make our contribution to an economic recovery that takes into account growth, social and environmental sustainability ».

The profiles searched

Deloitte today has around 11,000 people in 24 offices located throughout the country. Overall, in the fiscal year ended May 2022, Deloitte in Italy hired about 4 thousand people. The profiles sought in the coming months, both junior and senior, will mainly be of the technical-scientific field. Furthermore, research will continue significantly in the economic, accounting, as well as administrative, fiscal and legal fields.

Global revenues

Globally, Deloitte’s network recorded revenues of $ 59.3 billion for fiscal year 2022 and has over 415,000 people in over 150 countries. The fiscal year just ended was an important one for the company. The new headquarters in Milan and Rome have been announced: they will be new zero-emission buildings respectively in Corso Italia and in Via Vittorio Veneto. Furthermore, the companies of the network have made the transition to Benefit Companies, inserting in their statutes the commitment to “pursue, in the exercise of their economic activity, one or more purposes of common benefit and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner in towards people, the territory and the environment “.

The role of benefit corporation

Last but not least, Deloitte has set itself the goal of being increasingly responsible and attentive to society. In its more than six years of activity, the Deloitte Foundation has contributed to over 50 initiatives and carried out 22 major projects. During the last fiscal year (June 2021 – May 2022) it paid out 700 thousand euros. In particular, thanks also to the contribution of the people of Deloitte, 200 thousand euros were donated for the Ukraine emergency.

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