Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies Award 2022: the 79 awarded companies

I’m 79, come from all the Italian regions except four (those outside are Valle d’Aosta, Umbria, Molise and Basilicata), and have a geographic distribution concentrated for 43% in the North West, 30% in the North East, 14% in the Center and 13% in the South. This is the photograph taken by Deloittewhich, like every year, rewards the best Italian companies with his Best Managed Companies Award.

Organized by Deloitte Private, with the participation of ALTIS – Alta Scuola Impresa e Società of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, ELITE-Euronext Group and Piccola Industria Confindustria, the Best Managed Companies Award not only represents a recognition for the best companies, but a real growth program in which participating companies are supported by Deloitte Private experts in a path aimed at economic, strategic and skills development.

How are the best Italian companies

The three regions on the podium of entrepreneurial excellence of this fifth edition of the award are the Lombardywhere 28% of the awarded companies are concentrated, theEmilia Romagnawhere 16% of the awarded companies are based, and the Piedmontwhere 13% of the winners are based.

Half of the BMC companies are family owned and about 1 in 2 participated in the Elite program of Borsa Italiana-Euronext. 18% is owned by a private equity fund and one in 10 is listed on the stock exchange, of which 43% on AIM and 57% on MTA. The largest slice of Best Managed Companies, equal to 48%, have at least 250 employees and 46% have between 50 and 249. 5% are represented by companies with a number of people between 10 and 49, while only 1% have less than 10.

More than half, or 53%, are companies in the manufacturing sector, 19% is dedicated to services and 9% to commerce. 5% is involved in the supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning and another 9% is active in the construction sector. A 3% is engaged in health and social assistance and another 3% works in the sector of professional, scientific and technical activities. The transport and storage, agriculture, forestry and fishing and defense sectors represent 1% of the winners.

What problems do companies face

In 2022, the winning companies suffered, in a more accentuated way than in 2021, the increase in costs. In particular, in 2022 the increase in the cost of raw materials, the increase in the costs of semi-finished products and difficulties in procurement and the surge in the prices of electricity and gas bills weigh on the balance sheet of companies, explains Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte Partner and Leader of Deloitte Private in the Central Mediterranean area.

Also transport and shipping costs were subject to a high growth trend, which affected 46% of companies, with an increase of 19% compared to 2021. Not to mention the crisis linked to blockages in the supply chain which, this year, affected 46% of companies, with a growth of 10 percentage points compared to 2021.

Despite this context, “the awarded companies have demonstrated ability to react, innovate and have maintained absolute standards of excellence”, adds Andrea Restelli, Partner of Deloitte and Italy manager of the Best Managed Companies program.

Here are the most requested professions and jobs in 2022.

The evaluation parameters of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies

The companies were evaluated on 7 parameters.


When asked what are the main differentiating factors for their business strategy, 73% of companies replied “unique and excellent products and services” And “commitment and corporate culture“And 72% stressed the importance of”strong involvement and commitment of employees“.

As for future challenges, 80% think they will be committed to “developing new products and services”, 71% want to “strengthen and develop management” and 70% will prioritize “identifying, hiring and retaining new talent”. Among the elements that will impact the most on the business, the availability of talent (67%) and rapidly evolving technologies (65%) are indicated.

Skills and innovation

To improve productivity, investments are made above all in innovation, technology and improvement of the organizational structure.

To encourage new business ideas, most companies (75%) have implemented a formal process. Innovative efforts are mainly concentrated on “research & development” (94%), “operations” (73%) and on the “acquisition and development of advanced technologies” (61%). Among the technological investments deemed most likely in the next 12 months, “data analytics” (72%), “Customer Relationship Management” (72%) and “automation of business processes” (66%) stand out.

We have talked here about the revolution taking place in the world of work, the scenarios, the jobs of the future and the essential skills for both workers and managers.

Commitment and corporate culture

The most important element for business success is the corporate culture for as many as 80% of the interviewees, who classified this component of business success as “very important”. In fact, the majority of BMCs state that employee development is a strategic priority and 55% have conducted at least one employee satisfaction questionnaire in the past 12 months.

96% organized training for their people, 66% planned events reserved for employees. Furthermore, in most companies, at least once a year, employee performance is assessed and strategies aimed at retaining talent are adopted, which are based above all on open and transparent communication (97%).

Here we talked about the new Quiet Quitting phenomenon that is affecting more and more workers.

Governance and performance measurement

How do you become a great company, and who decides it? Surely also the level of satisfaction with the functioning of governance, which is high, and with the measurement of performance. periodic meetings are the main tool for sharing the decisions taken by management (91%).

Faced with the current scenario, 94% aim at maintaining a solid balance sheet to manage business risk, 86% pay attention to developing solid relationships with stakeholders to ensure financial stability and 76% look to an effective financial management process to mitigate risk.


At the heart of all societies there is also the theme of sustainabilityconsidered “fundamental” for 58% of companies.

Production chain

The theme of the production chain. 29% of BMCs belong to a supply chain and 13% to more than one, while 5% are considering entering a supply chain. 52% of the companies belong to an industrial chain, 21% to an agri-food chain, 12% to a technological one and the remaining 15% to a different type of supply chain.

The benefits? Enhancement of competitiveness (15%), acceleration of technology transfer processes (14%) and increase in product quality (14%).


Finally, the majority of BMC companies (54%) operate mainly in Italy, 20% have a European operating range and look abroad above all for the expansion of sales.

Direct export is the preferred method of entry into foreign markets for the winners BMC (46%). 22% opt for indirect export through export consortia, trading companies, buyers and importers. 17% engaged in direct investments abroad and 16% through strategic agreements (Joint Ventures, Licensing, Franchising).

The 79 companies awarded as Best Managed 2022

Here are the 79 winners of the Best Managed Companies Award 2022:

Alma Petroli, Alpac, Andriani, Beautynova, Beta 80 Group, Biesse, Calligaris Group, Callipo Conserve Alimentari, Candioli Pharma, Convergenze, Custom, D’Amico D&D Italia, Damiano, DIESSE Diagnostica Senese, Ebano, ECOPACK, Elettronica, Enegan, Epta , Essetre, Eurofork, F.lli Ibba, Fantini Group, Faravelli, Farmol, Ferrari Group, Ferrari Trento, FiloBlu, Flash Battery, Florim, Fluid-o-Tech, Franchi Umberto Marmi, Friul Intagli Industries, Gessi, Gibus, Giorgetti, Alfaparf Milano Group, Fervo Group, SGR Group, Teddy Group, Intesi Group, Irritec, Italian Design Brands, LMA, Laica, Lincotek Group, Mediterranean Logistics, Lombardini22, Magazzini Gabrielli, Manuli Ryco Group, Marazzato Soluzioni Ambientali, Master Italy, Molteni & C, MOVI, Mutti, Landoll (Nashi), NT Food, NTE Process, NWG Energia, Opocrin, OVERMACH, Pietro Fiorentini, PQE Group, Raselli Franco, RDR, Readytec, ROELMI HPC, SABAF, San Marco Group, Sanlorenzo, SCM Group, SECO , TAPÌ, Tecno, TESI Group, TESYA Group, Unox, Vici & C., Webranking.

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