Demi Lovato: Excerpt from new song released on social media

the rock n roll of Demi Lovato continues and after starting his new era with music “Skin of My Teeth”the singer is already preparing for another release and a snippet of a new song is already circulating on social media.

Demi Lovato
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The song is apparently called “Substance” and was added to be used as a soundtrack for videos on TikTok. Demi also shared a short video to the sound of the new track.

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The music follows the sound adopted by demi for her new album and it is not yet known when and if it will be released as a single from the album “HOLY FVCK”. The singer’s album is scheduled for release on August 19.

Demi Lovato responds to fans on Twitter and talks about new album

Photo: Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Every fan loves to be noticed by their idol, and on June 15th some lovatics lucky ones had this opportunity! The singer Demi Lovato used his official Twitter profile to answer some questions sent by his followers. Among the topics covered by her were her new studio album, titled “HOLY FVCK“; and their upcoming world tour, the “HOLY FVCK TOUR” (which, by the way, will pass through Brazil).

In one of these interactions, a fan asked what makes the “HOLY FVCK” so unique compared to his previous works. “I’m excited to get back to my rock roots“, then replied Demi.

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