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Demi Lovato fans are accusing the singer of cheating. That’s because, not long ago, she announced that everyone should refer to her person using neutral pronouns. Anyone who dared to use “she”, “her” or any female pronoun would be banned from their social networks.

But, who knows why, Lovato now wants her fans to do the opposite, that is, return to treating her with all the female pronouns that, at this moment, represent her. And anyone who doesn’t understand that she is a fluid being and that she can change gender as well as change her costume will get a “block”, that is, will be blocked from the beauty nets.

Demi defends herself against accusations of betrayal by saying that she is implementing a new form of interaction between human beings. “From now on, instead of asking ‘how are you today?’, we should ask: ‘who are you today?’ Pronouns must obey the way the person identifies themselves at the time. If the person changes his mind the next day, after a year or two hours from now, it is up to the interlocutor to adapt. This is inclusion! And this is my legacy to humanity!”, says the singer.

This chronicle is a fiction based on real facts that seem more like a lie…

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