Demi Lovato is under Scooter Braun’s wing thanks to Ariana Grande! She was afraid for her

Demi Lovato
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After a tragic overdose in the summer of 2018, Demi Lovato was seriously considering whether she would be able to rebuild her career. Scooter Braun came to her aid – an agent of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. After the singer signed a contract with him, she believed in her music again. Turns out she owes it to Ariana!

Although the opinions about Scooter Braun are different – suffice it to mention its very high-profile conflict with Taylor Swift – the manager takes care of his pupils very well. He has been under his wings since the beginning of his career Justin Bieber, and since 2013 Ariana Grande and they both cannot complain about the lack of success in the music industry.

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From 2019 Scooter Braun he is also involved in a career Demi Lovato. This is an extremely difficult task, considering that the star has had many personal problems behind him, mainly related to drug addiction. Exactly that Scooter Braun However, he took care of the singer after she rubbed herself to death in the summer of 2018. Now he confessed that he did it at the urging of himself Ariany Grande.

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Ariana Grande is the guardian angel of Demi Lovato

Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato have shared childhood career experiences. While Ari started at Nickelodeon station, Demi Lovato won the hearts of children’s viewers on the Disney Channel. Only as teenagers, both stars decided to become involved not with acting, but with music. Along the way, however, Demi had a difficult experience with addiction.

When she was hospitalized in 2018, she became interested in her fate Ariana Grandewho asked Scooter Braunto take care of her career.

I saw that she was afraid that no one would take her. I asked Ariana for her opinion and she said, “Let me have a coffee with her.” When she got home, she wrote to me: “You have to take her in, she’s my friend. I want to know she’s safe.

Braun recalled in a recent interview.

Demi Lovato and Scooter Braun signed the contract in May 2019. The singer did not hide her joy that she joined Braun’s “family” and started creating new music. The star has just announced the release of a new album Dancing In The Devil – with the same name as the document in which she told about her last experiences with addiction. According to rumors, the number recorded from Ariana Grandewhat in light of what he said Scooter Braun, it will not surprise anyone anymore.

Did you believe in such show business friendships?

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