Demi Lovato recorded a single with Ariana Grande and appeared in the session. Nothing to celebrate

Demi Lovato
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According to earlier reports, the new album by Demi Lovato will include a joint single recorded with Ariana Grande. The singer has just announced a new number and revealed its title. Demi is really on the wave lately – apart from the new song, she also has photos from a futuristic new photo shoot for her fans!

Demi Lovato after very difficult experiences in his personal life, today he sees a light at the end of the tunnel. She was helped not only by doctors, but also by people she met on her way. In terms of professionalism, he turned out to be such a person Scooter Braunwho after persuasion Ariany Grande became Demi’s manager and decided to continue her career, while protecting her from the threats that await her.

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Recently Demi Lovato told the story of her addiction in a documentary Dancing With The Devil and announced the premiere of a new album with the same title. In light of what he said Scooter Braun, presence Ariany Grande on the puck is completely natural. The singer appeared in one of her friend’s singles.

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Demi Lovato is on a roll

Joint song Demi Lovato and Ariany Grande is titled The Art Of Starting Over and will be released on April 2. Demi has already posted the first preview of the single on Instagram:

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Demi Lovato she also starred in an amazing photo shoot for Paper magazine. The star posed in a very futuristic style for photos that she called her “dream ones”. The session is meant to be a metaphor for Demi’s main focus on her future. See for yourself!

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