Demi Lovato Updates Websites With Mysterious Image

Demi Lovato is definitely with a news about to be announced. Indeed, it’s time for fans to be on their toes. On the afternoon of this Monday (May 23) tall the singer’s platforms on the web (official website, Twitter and Facebook) have been updated with a mysterious image.

In the photo, which doesn’t look very friendly, a man all in black and wearing a cap appears holding a camera, staring. Certainly making suspense, she still hasn’t given any explanation for it, but fans are already waiting for a new song and clip.

Demi Lovato Updates Websites With Mysterious Image

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Demi Lovato already announced that your new era will be geared towards Rock. Excited, therefore, she has been showing fans snippets and previews of new music. If the fans’ hypothesis is right, above all, she will already release a single with a clip.

Skin Of My Teeth

The title “Skin Of My Teeth” has been on the fans’ lips for some time now. Some time ago they even said that it would be a partnership with Miley Cyrus, but she denied it. Now, it appears that this is the song that will be released, according to a tweet, as long as she isn’t bluffing.

“Skin Of My Teeth is the lead according to sources,” wrote one fan. “What source?”, blurted out another. Then, surprisingly, Demi Lovato herself appeared to answer: “My source”.

If the source is hers, you can’t deny it, right? And here comes this new anthem! Check out an excerpt of the song released by the artist herself in order to whet your curiosity:

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