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Ukraine and Taiwan are jokes. One of these days, Terra woke up to the news that Demi Lovato allowed herself to be addressed by the pronouns “she” and “her” again. I myself was so shaken that I immediately went to try to find out who Demi Lovato is. She is an American singer, says the internet. The internet also says that the lady had once decided to stop being a woman. Or stop being just a woman, I didn’t quite understand. I noticed that a year or so ago Demi Lovato began to demand that she be addressed only by the pronouns “they” and “them”, as in: “They don’t sing anything well, but they squeal that they get fed up” and “Listen their chants is equivalent to a liver transplant without anesthesia.”

I don’t know how these obviously praiseworthy progressivisms are applied in certain situations in practical life. If, at the time of the restaurant bill, the question “Who pays today?” has the answer “It’s them”, there can be confusion at the table. However, it will be worse at the police station, when the witness’ interrogation seeks to clarify the possession of the weapon that has just slaughtered 14 passers-by: “It’s his/hers!”. And in the line of suspects are eight creatures.

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