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When we think of the most famous stars in the world, we almost imagine them as divinities who have come down from Olympus, those so far from us as to be perfect in practically everything. But let’s forget one fundamental thing: they too – just like us – are not exempt from habits that to define bizarre is an understatement, some of which would make anyone turn up their noses. Don’t believe it? Here are some for you VIP quirks that you would not expect (seeing is believing).

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the oddities of the most famous exes in the world

We talked about it in abundance in these turbulent years, marked by a divorce that dominated the gossip pages around the world. But over time, the famous former golden couple of Hollywood have also had some rather unusual habits in common. An example? The protagonist of Maleficent it’s a big one vintage knife collector to the point of having totally filled his house with these memorabilia, just as if they were furnishing accessories. Except then backtracking and securing everything for the arrival of his son Maddox.

Ex-husband Brad Pitt is no less in terms of quirks. Angelina herself confirmed in an interview that the Hollywood star has avery particular idea of ​​personal hygiene: for him there is no classic shower with bubble bath, he only uses a mix of lemon, apple cider and vinegar. They said he “stinks like a goat”. And how can you blame him…

Johnny Depp, the unsuspected collector

Beauty, charm, talent are just a few terms with which we could describe that mix of sensuality that is Johnny Depp. One of the most loved actors ever, especially by women who have been queuing up for decades just to snatch one of his enigmatic smiles from him (even if Amber Heard would not be of the same opinion). Depp some time ago confessed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he is a avid collector of Barbie. Yes, you read right.

In his defense it must be admitted that the actor began to buy them for his still young daughter, but apparently keep playing it to test out movie scenes and new characters. And that’s not all: Depp also owns limited editions of Barbie that portray real characters (like Beyoncé, to be clear) and updates them from time to time with accessories and details related to recent events. When you say “Me and my obsession”.

Keira Knightley and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Keira Knightley is another of those stars that just looking at her is overwhelmed by a wave of beauty and elegance. Could she be free from quirks? Of course not, as she herself said in an interview some time ago Tonight Show: the actress is adamant not only that ghosts existbut be able to interact with it.

It seems sweet Keira had a close encounter of the third kind with a ghost back in 2012 when she was staying at the hotel. Her presence was there waiting for her in an armchair in her room and stared at her without uttering a word. Pretty creepy…

Nicole Kidman, that somewhat strange relationship with “food”

If we talk about strangeness of VIPs, there is one concerning Nicole Kidman really unusual and a little disgusting. The Oscar-winning actress confessed in an interview with You in 2019 to be affected by a particular disorder called pica, which since she was a child has pushed her to devour anything that appears edible.

And no, we are not talking about delicacies such as desserts and succulent gourmet dishes. “I ate everything. Ants too, although they didn’t taste good. A bit, how to say, acidic. They had a weird taste. I ate everything. I will have eaten anything edible. Larvae, earthworms and insects“. To which are added earth, paper, plaster, snow. What to say.

Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox, superstition champions

We Italians are a nation of superstitious people, we have to admit it. Just think of the “horns” with attached “tiè” that cannot be missing when we want drive away bad luck, an apotropaic gesture of liberation from so-called misfortune. For those who believe in it, it is essential to rush to restore the balance of the cosmos in their favor.

But superstition is not just our prerogative, as demonstrated by the splendid Jennifer Aniston. Among the oddities of VIPs, hers is undoubtedly one of the most absurd: she herself has declared that when she takes a plane flight she must always enter it with the right foottapping the outside surface of the access hatch a few times before settling into his seat.

Even the actress Megan Fox has a strange fixation linked to planes, but this time “musical”. She in an interview she explained that during the flight listen only and exclusively to the songs of Britney Spears, convinced that by doing so she will certainly not die. If she says so…

Demi Moore and her disturbing beauty secret

It’s no secret that Demi Moore cares a lot about her fitness. We know that she follows a super-controlled diet (she has been vegan for years), that she practices yoga and sports regularly and that she never leaves anything to chance. What you may never imagine is that – as she herself stated – in the past she has undergone a disgusting (and archaic) beauty treatment with leeches. Questionable, yes.

The strangest phobias of VIPs

Among the quirks of VIPs we certainly cannot forget phobias. Pamela Anderson suffers from the so-called eisoptrophobia, or the fear of mirrors and of his own reflection, while Cameron Diaz is germophobic, to the point of washing your hands dozens of times a day. Johnny Depp also has an absurd phobia: he literally is terrified of clowns and when he sees one he even gets physically sick.

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