Demi Rose Covers Herself With a Towel and Almost Shows off

The model shared an image in which she appears half-naked.

UNITED KINGDOM.- Demi Rose made an impact on social networks by uploading some sensual images to her personal Instagram account, with which she made thousands of her fans sigh.

The model published two photos where she appears half-naked, with a towel on the lower part of her body and covering her breasts with her hands, while it is seen that a stream of water falls on her and wet her hair.

“Be comfortable in the skin you are in,” he titled in the photos.




Rose managed to drive more than 112 thousand followers crazy who gave her a “like” and more than 900 who commented on that publication, most of which were compliments.

The British in 2017 wanted to venture into the music industry as a DJ, dubbing herself “The sexiest DJ in the world.”

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