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Messi, Ronaldo, Mbapp, Neymar and Haaland don’t all earn as much together a 54-year-old English lady, Denise Coates, very close to Stoke City, a football team that navigates anonymously in the English Serie B. Miss Coates, country house between Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester, Aston Martin DB9 in the garage, five children including 4 adopted, was paid 355 million euros in 2021. To get an idea: it is about one million per day, 40,500 euros per hour, 675 per minute, 11 euros per second. In the time of reading this article you have collected around 1,500 euros. Yet she has undergone a net reduction in the paycheck that the previous year (2020) had been 542 million euros, including bonuses. mainly income from work (as a manager) and only a minimal part of property income.

Miss Coates’ mission

What does Mrs Coates do and how does she manage to end the month? It could be said that it helps others lose money but it would be ungenerous. Let’s say he helps his customers have fun while dreaming of earning. Whether or not the dream comes true, she still earns. More technically: runs bet365, a large online betting company founded with his brother 20 years ago. The fact that he is the CEO and has control of the group certainly helps in relations with the head of personnel and in the definition of remuneration.

The record of 542 million

The astronomical figure of 542 million had caused a sensation last year: Coates had earned more than the CEOs of the 100 largest British public companies combined and 3,126 times more than the prime minister. So we went to see what happened a year later, that is with the last closed and approved balance sheet that marks a stable turnover of 3.3 billion euros and profits more than tripled to 478 million.

The dividend bet

it happened that precisely the salary cut at the top, and above all that of the number one, made the group’s income jump. Now for the profit can be distributed in the form of a dividend. It’s safe to bet that Miss Coates is thinking about it seriously: inflation gallops towards 13% at the end of the year (source: Bank of England) and in 2022 the purchasing power of her current 675 euros per minute would be affected, even more so. with 5 children and an Aston Martin to support.

Give Stoke City a wake up call

The fact remains that Stoke City, owned by the billionaire family, after a decade without particular rings in the Premier League, has been sailing wearily between fourteenth and fifteenth place in the English Serie B for four seasons. Mrs. Coates could wake him up (and give herself) a few market hits. After all his last salary alone is worth the total salaries of Juventus, Inter and Milan, obviously put together.

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