Denmark to legislate banning Quran burnings in public places

Copenhagen wants to put an end to the troubles. The Danish government presented a bill on Friday to ban the burning of the Koran, after the violence sparked in several Muslim countries due to desecrations of the holy book of Islam on its soil.

The law will “prohibit the inappropriate treatment of objects of significant religious significance to a religious community,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said at a press briefing. He specified that it was a question in particular of burning or trampling these objects in public places.

“Basically contemptuous and unsympathetic act”, the fact of burning a Koran “harms Denmark and Danish interests”, estimated the Keeper of the Seals.

Up to two years in prison

The new text is to be included in Chapter 12 of the penal code, which deals with national security.

“This is the heart and the motivation of what we are doing,” he insisted. “We cannot continue to stand idly by while a few individuals do everything they can to provoke violent reactions,” he added.

The legal provision will also apply to desecrations of the Bible, Torah or religious symbols like the crucifix. The offender is liable to a fine and a two-year prison sentence.

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