Denmark: Trapped by a snowstorm in Ikea, employees and customers spent the night at the store

A bed showroom at Ikea in Aalborg, Northern Denmark, has turned into a huge bedroom. Six customers and about twenty employees were blocked by a snowstorm and forced to spend the night in the store.

When the furniture store in Aalborg closed on Wednesday night, up to 30 centimeters of snow fell.

“We slept on display furniture and in our first-floor living room, where we have beds, mattresses and fold-out sofas,” store manager Peter Elmose told “Ekstra Bladet” magazine. People could “pick exactly the bed they always wanted to try,” he added.

Elmose said they spent the evening watching TV and eating. As he added, the overnight stay in the store ended “very well. It was a good night and great fun.”

Danish public television DR reported that people working in a toy store next to Ikea also spent the night in a department store.

– It’s much better than sleeping in your own car. It was nice and warm and we’re just happy they let us in, ”said Michelle Barrett, one of the toy store’s employees, on TV.

– We just laughed at this situation. We probably won’t experience it anymore, ‘added Barrett.


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