Depp – Heard, the jurors speak of the trial: “What Amber said seemed like a lot of shit to everyone.

Because the jury believed Johnny Depp and not the ex-wife Amber Heard? What are the considerations that the jurors exchanged in the council chamber? And because some of them, speaking of the actress’s tears, defined them “crocodile tears“? Now everything is revealed. It is precisely one of the members of the jury, the one who sentenced Amber to compensate her ex-wife with 8 million dollars, to reveal it in an interview that caused a sensation, even if his identity was protected and not disclosed. First point: “The crying, the facial expressions she assumed, her gaze fixed on the Heard jury“. A completely wrong communication strategy. She did not move anyone, on the contrary: “We were all very uncomfortable – continues the member of the jury – when she answered a question and cried. Because then two seconds later she became cold, frozen. It was at that point that some of us started using that expression, crocodile tears ”.

Interviewed on the broadcast Good Morning Americahe used much calmer expressions than those used by another juror immediately after the sentence: “What Amber was saying seemed to everyone a lot of c … “. What about Depp instead? “A large part of the jury – continued the member of this commission – held that what he was saying was more credible. He appeared more sincere in answering the questions he was asked. His emotional state was very stable while he explored every theme “.

Then comes the response to the accusation launched by Heard herself in the course of another interview, that of the television network Nbc. The same in which she admitted: “I still love Johnny, I love him with all my heart.” It was enough to spark the enthusiasm of all the media. But in the course of that conversation Amber has pointed the finger on the power of social media. She explained: The massive campaign in favor of her husband, with millions and millions of views, ended up affecting even those who were deciding. “I think even the most well-meaning juror would have been impossible not to be influenced,” said the actress.

Insinuation rejected to the sender by the juror interviewed by Good Morning America: “We relied on evidence. Others and I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. Those who use them, on the other hand, have made sure not to talk about them “. She added another detail, his opinion of him on the relationship between Depp and Heard: “The truth? I think those two took offense at each other. No one was completely on the side of right and wrong“. But, he clarified, it was only necessary to decide on the veracity of Heard’s allegations “e there was not enough evidence to support what she said in the interviews that ended up in Depp’s sights ”. That is, that he had suffered domestic violence.

But what was the turning point in the process? We had all guessed it a little. And the juror confirms it: the fact that Amber Heard had not yet donated the money from her divorce settlement, $ 7 million, to charity. when he had instead stated the opposite. In the US, these arguments are not joking. Using solidarity and charity to advertise, to make yourself beautiful, but not keeping your word is considered inadmissible behavior.

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