Depp-Heard trial, consequences also for the actress: replaced in the film

Further consequences for Amber Heard, after what was leaked from the trial against her ex-husband. The actress is replaced in the film: the social announcement

There are those who think of a joke, some of a provocation, but now also Amber Heard she risks coming out of her trial against her ex-husband battered. Self Johnny Depp in fact, on the occasion of the divorce and the first accusations of violence she had seen her career crumble in a few months in her hands, the same fate could befall the Hollywood actress. In fact, since last April, after the defamation complaint of the former captain Jack Sparrow, several shocking details of the relationship of the two movie stars have leaked. Revelations that have not put in good light “Miss Heard”, which has already had to deal with the wave of criticism, and now also risks from a professional point of view.

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In recent days, we had told you about a decrease in minutes of her character in Aquaman 2. Warner Bros, which had already decided to end the working relationship with Depp, confirmed the desire to decrease the presence of the woman on the big screen after what leaked from the trial, even under heavy pressure from fans and petitions. According to the latest rumors, however, for the next sequels to the film, the Heard would have already been replaced.

Amber Heard, no Aquaman: Paris Hilton arrives

Paris Hilton
The showgirl Paris Hilton (AnsaFoto)

He has not yet confirmed the news, but this morning a Warner Bros executive producer announced the sensational choice of the production company regarding the film. Aquaman. The first, released in 2018, had turned out to be a real success, so much so as to immediately make us think of a second chapter that will be released in 2023. Co-star of Miss Heard, who, however, will only take part in a few minutes of the film. But it is already confirmed that Aquaman will continue indefinitely with various sequels and other editions in the future. Sequels to which the ex-wife now of Johnny Depp shouldn’t take part.

It was Juliette Lauren Fischer to reveal it, through a press release received this morning via social media. The producer has announced the change of cast with Paris Hilton, news that has certainly left fans and the environment stunned. Yes, because the rumors of a change were insistent, but until a few hours ago there was the name of Emilia Clarke. The former member of the cast of Game of Thrones, however, seems to have been made sensationally aside, in favor of the famous heiress.

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