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President Francesco Pezzullo had asked for a meeting to be able to discuss a series of issues, primarily those related to security and illegal street vendors. If Confesercenti called, the manager of the Ischia police station Ciro Re responded by calling a delegation from the tertiary sector for a meeting that took place in the offices in via delle Terme. Among the participants – there was also an AICOM delegation – the atmosphere was obviously relaxed and cordial and the representatives of the trade world wanted to represent dr. There are also other problems that often torment the island including those related to the wild nightlife, thefts but also the scams that in recent times on the island territory are undergoing a notable resurgence.

The deputy commissioner wanted to represent the strategies and initiatives that will be put in place to his interlocutors, and he impressed not a little present for the great professionalism shown. “He is an official of absolute depth – commented Pezzullo – and the misadventures that unfortunately saw him as a protagonist in the past demonstrate this unequivocally. He wanted to emphasize that it is his duty to transmit security to residents and tourists, explaining that this will be his priority mission. He then reassured us that he will involve all the police forces present in the area precisely with the intent of eradicating some of the plagues we have exposed to him “.

Pezzullo then added and concluded: “The role that a police operator is called upon to fill every day is fundamental, because he must protect the safety of citizenship in the public spaces of the territory of his competence. But we will do our part, we will be the sentinels of the territory which we also know well since we live it even 12 hours a day. In short, Confesercenti assures that it will continue its close collaboration with all law enforcement agencies and will unconditionally support any initiative aimed at tackling any type of crime but also illegal trade ”.

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