Deputy Prime Minister: The Belarusian embargo should not last long

– We do not have detailed information on the embargo imposed by Belarus on the import of products and goods, including from Poland (…), but it’s rather Belarus is harming itself with this embargo and it should not last too long, that is my opinion

– assessed Kowalczyk.

In his opinion, the Belarusian embargo for Polish agri-food exports this is “some kind of handicap”, but not too much.

“The annual value of trade with Belarus amounts to approx. EUR 200 million, which is 0.6% of all Polish food exports. Apples are the dominant commodity and the most import ban will be felt by the fruit industry, although it is not currently the most important direction of apple exports, more and more they are sent in other directions, for example to Egypt “

Kowalczyk expressed his hope that after a few weeks of “confusion”, exports would be resumed.

In the period of September 2020, the value of food exports to Belarus amounted to EUR 205.5 million, in the same period of this year. – EUR 194 million (down 5.6%). The most important export items are fruit and vegetables. Imports are negligible, in 2020 the value was at the level of EUR 56.8 million.

The Belarusian authorities at the beginning of December this year. announced that on January 1, 2022 will introduce an embargo in response to Western sanctions, it will include, among others beef, poultry, pork, milk and dairy production, fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweets and other goods.

Source: PAP,

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