derealization and the bodyshaming suffered in Sanremo

In Belve, the presenter Francesca Fagnani interviews the singer Noemi, who talks about the relationship with her body and her mind, from derealization disorder to bodyshaming suffered during her participation in Sanremo 2018.

Rai programme Beastsconducted by Francesca Fagnanirather than reaping victims, it rewards sincerity and genuineness: he did it, again, with the interview with Naomi. The artist, born in 1982, born Veronica Scopelliti, found her success after participating in the second edition of the talent X Factor and, since then, his successes have followed one after another. But together with the popularity, also all the defects of this new status: the fixation of the public with its own body have influenced the singer’s relationship with her own image, leading her to suffer from derealization and causing her great suffering, especially after the unhappy one comparison with Michelle Hunzikerwhich went viral, during his participation in San Remo 2018.

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Beasts: Francesca Fagnani’s interview with Noemi

Also for Naomi the time has come to sit on the very uncomfortable (in every sense) stool dominated by the pungent presence of the journalist and interviewer Francesca Fagnanihostess of the successful Rai program Beasts. During the interview, Noemi confides in the presenter about many aspects of her life, without neglecting the most painful of the same but still telling them with a smile, which makes us think that by now he has overcome those situations. The interview, as always happens, starts very calmly and then invades the spaces more private and intimate of Noemi’s personal experiences: we talk about fluctuating bond with the fatherhis previous manager, of the relationship that the artist has had for years with his body and hers image he was born in relationship with food. Furthermore, the singer also mentions the specific moment, that San Remo 2018in which he understood he wanted to take his figure back in hand after years of suffering and after suffering from the derealization disorder.

What is the derealization disorder mentioned by Noemi

“I suffered from derealizationfor years I’ve seen how from binoculars, I put distance, I was a way that my head had to tell me ‘look, you’re a ghost, you don’t have your life in your hand’. So Noemi described the phenomenon of derealization, I disturb from which she suffered and which caused her, both on that stage of the Sanremo kermesse, and in general in her life, to “losing sight”, in the sense of feeling detached from reality, seeing the world without really being there. This disorder of psychic sphere is defined precisely as a loss of the sense of reality: not a vision problem per se, therefore, but the sensation of perceiving the world around us in a distorted and dissociated. A problem that Noemi had to deal with for years and which, paradoxically, seemed to decrease only when she sang; as she points out in the interview, “perhaps only on singing I felt I had power“.

The comparison with Michelle Hunziker in Sanremo 2018

The lowest point of suffering related to a unhealthy relationship with food and with one’s bodyNoemi touched him during San Remo 2018. She and the presenter Michelle Hunzikerduring one of the evenings, they had worn a similar dress, black, with a wide neckline: the world of the web had created a meme to compare the figures of the two women, through which the body was mocked “plentiful” (as Noemi describes it) by the artist. “Today there is a lot of talk about bodyshaming, but we see that in 2018 it was not already fashionable. I felt hurt, in that photo I saw my suffering for the first time, because there are people who are abundant but you see that that physicality belongs to them. I cried and that was the first time I told myself I had to do something“.

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Noemi’s outburst at the Hyenas

Of how the image and weight of one’s body have affected his life, Naomi he had already talked about it during an interview for the Hyenas following his evident slimming that had made the rounds of the internet, between indiscretions and suspicions: for some, in fact, it was too important and sudden a loss of weight. “First I suffered bullying about my weight. It took me a lot of head to lose it. I demolished the fridge. Even if now they insult me ​​because I lost weight. There is always someone who doesn’t like him. My fear is that the rudeness of social media come to real life.”

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