Deschamps reveals “his favourite” in the French team!

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Deschamps reveals “his favourite” in the French team!

Published October 8, 2023 at 7:10 pm.

Antoine Griezmann is an essential player in the Didier Deschamps era in the French team. The Blues coach was there at each of Griezmann’s competitions. Setting a record for consecutive matches with the France team, Griezmann was seen admitting to Deschamps that he was his favourite.

didier Field is the coach offrench team Since summer 2012. He succeeded a fellow world champion: laurent white, Since then, despite threats zinedine zidane, Field He never left his post and had his contract extended until June 2026.

Griezmann and Deschamps experienced everything together at the Blues

over the years, and although their relationship began with a suspensionantoine griezmann Due to spending the night with other tricolors during a rally withFrench Espoirs Team, didier deschamps And anthony Griezmann Build strong bonds. Griezmann Participated in every competition contested by Field With the Blues and was the architect of the France team’s crown at the 2018 World Cup.

“If he’s still my favorite? (laughing) yes”

An international break was called for once again this October, anthony Griezmann officially knows that he is “Dear” coach’s didier Field thank you section “yes no” Of thomas mekhiche For telefoot, “Will Griezmann’s record of 80 consecutive matches for the French team be broken one day? Yes. If it’s still my favorite? (laughing) Yes.”

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