Deschamps warns Saudi Arabia about its future

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Deschamps warns Saudi Arabia about its future

Published on August 24, 2023 at 7:45 pm.

Saudi Arabia continues to crack down on the transfer market. Superstars such as Neymar, Karim Benzema and Sadio Mane exclusively joined the new Eldorado this summer. But not only players come, coaches also come. Could it tempt Didier Deschamps? The coach of the French team answered the question.

2023 summer transfer window marked with red ironSaudi Arab. In a quest to promote their championship, but above all their country, the Saudis are using great means to compete with the biggest European teams, whether it’s about players or even coaches.

“I’m not available”

in an interview given to Team, didier deschamps was asked about possible contact withSaudi Arab, , They don’t have my number (smiles). and then i’m not available replied the coach‘equipped with France,

euro 2024 is near

Fresh from the World Cup final,‘equipped with France A new international event is fast approaching: Euro 2024. The French Football Federation has decided to renew its confidence didier deschamps last January and handed her over to the Queens of Selection until the end date of her contract, 2026.

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