Desenrola Brasil platform renegotiates debts up to R$ 5,000

Finance Minister Fernando Addad said this Monday (9th), while launching the Desenrolla Brazil program platform, that around 42% of people have achieved Gold or Silver certification on, and have been able to reduce their loans and debts. He said you can access this tool starting today for payments. A further 44% with Bronze certification require him to return to to renew to be able to access the program. Only 13% have no certification of any kind.

After refinancing approximately 16 billion reais in the first phase and holding a discount auction of 126 billion reais in the second phase, the special consumer debt renegotiation program, Desenrolla, will begin its third phase.The platform was released today online Bank and consumer debt refinancing of up to R$5,000 is available for debtors up to twice the minimum wage.

The platform was developed by B3, the Brazilian stock exchange, and is available at: site To access, consumers must be registered on the portal with a Silver or Gold level account and have their registration data updated. The debtor must then select a financial institution or company enrolled in the program to conduct the renegotiation. All you have to do is select the number of installments and make the payment.

This page lists lenders that have offered discounts in descending order of interest rates. During the auction stage, 654 companies submitted proposals, with an average discount of 83% of the original debt amount. However, depending on economic activity, the rebate could exceed this value.

Consumers should be careful. The Treasury Ordinance regulating Desenrolla gives people 20 days from the start of the program to request renegotiation of their debts. If the debtor does not renegotiate within this period, the line continues and the opportunity passes to someone else.

Those with gold or silver accounts can only check whether their debt is included in the program and see the discounts offered on the portal, the federal government’s only public service portal. A single login is also required to formalize the renegotiation.

The debt can be paid in full or over up to 60 months at interest rates up to 1.99% per month. Consumers with debts who are not selected in the auction can receive discounts offered by creditors as long as they pay in cash.

“Our aim is to ensure that these people know how to clear their name and be able to successfully return to the consumer and credit markets. Therefore, all platforms, including B3, Credit Protection Companies, platforms, everyone tries to reach these people. We’re going to try to make the program available to everyone, and registration won’t prevent someone from using it. ” said Haddad.

The Minister stressed that the platform is user-friendly as at least 86% are already included in the system, and said the current concern is to give access to the remaining 13%. “Because they are exactly the people who are the most vulnerable and need it the most. Especially now in the fourth quarter of this year, because this liability is resolved and the end of this year could be a little bit easier, Any effort to reach people will be extremely valuable.”

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