Destiny 2

Bungie reminds that Destiny 2 will soon abandon BattleNet to move to Steam: the transfer will cover all game content.

A new press release from Bungie reminds the community that Destiny 2 for PC will be transferred to Steam starting October 1st, 2019. Users can already associate their accounts on BattleNet and Steam, with a view to launching the game on the Valve platform.

As specified by the developers, the passage will involve a single transfer of all the contents of Destiny 2 already owned by the user. This, therefore, includes accounts, expansions, silver, Annual Pass and so on.

Players can now buy Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep from the relevant Steam page and continue their adventure. Newcomers may instead take their first steps with Destiny 2: A New Light.

The Steam version of Destiny 2 will come in conjunction with the release of Shadowkeep, the fourth expansion that will give access to new missions, equipment, and raids.

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