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Russell Crowe recently joined the cast of Kraven the Hunterthe next spinoff of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which already includes two Venom films already released in theaters, the film by Madame web with Dakota Johnson in development and the upcoming Morbius with Jared Leto due out March 31st. Now The Illuminerdi website reports that Crowe will play Nikolai Kravinoff, father of both Kraven aka Sergei Kravinoff and Chameleon aka Dmitri Smerdyakov, who are played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Fred Hechinger respectively (World News, Fear Street Part 1: 1994) . The source also reports that the cast will also include Calypso, Kraven’s longtime lover and partner, and that Taylour Page (Zola, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom) is in contention for the role.

There is no information on how the character will be used in the story, but in the comics “Nikolai and his wife Anna Kravinoff were Russian aristocrats who raised their son Sergei in Volgograd, Russia during the Russian Revolution. Nikolai had an illegitimate son, Dmitri, with Sonya Smerdyakova, one of the family’s servants. After the revolution ended, the Kravinoffs were forced to flee eventually ending up in the United States where Nikolai dies and Anna was detained in an asylum where she committed suicide leaving her son Sergei orphaned. Nikolai was not a kind father to any of his children. It is also explained that: “After the death of his parents, Sergei Kravinoff has learned to survive thanks to his own cunning and starts traveling around the world ending up finding a job in Africa. While in Africa, Kraven discovers his natural talent for big game hunting and after meeting a voodoo priestess named Calypso, Kravinoff takes on a herbal potion that enhances his physical powers giving him the strength, speed and senses to match. a jungle cat. The potion also gives him amazing longevity while preserving his health and vitality for years to come.

Russell Crowe looks perfect for the role of father Kravinoff, but remember that the role has yet to be officially confirmed by the studio. JC Chandor (Triple Frontier) directs “Kraven the Hunter” from a screenplay written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man). The initial draft of the script was written by Richard Wenk. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are the producers of the film which will be released in theaters on January 13, 2023.


Nikolai Kravinoff patriarch of all the Kraven was Spider-Man’s most determined opponent. He was also responsible for one of Spider-Man’s worst and traumatic moments that Kraven buries alive and replaces in the hunt for criminals confirming his dual role as villain and anti-hero.

Kraven’s half-brother and servant, Chameleon / Chameleon aka Dmitri Smerdyakov (the character has already appeared in “Spider-Man: No Way Home) convinces his stepbrother to come to the United States and hunt down Spider-Man who becomes a real obsession for Kraven. Spider-Man, however, repeatedly defeats Kraven who will never recover from the humiliation suffered. Chamelon is no exception, even building robot versions of Spider-Man’s deceased parents to try and drive the superhero crazy. The plan ultimately fails, but not before Peter Parker touches the darker side of him firsthand.

Sasha Alexander she met, fell in love and married Kraven and despite her consort’s repeated infidelity, Sasha remained faithful to him. The couple will have a daughter together, Ana, shortly before Kraven’s death. Sasha, however, does not give peace and not accepting the death of her partner tries to find a way to resurrect him. She succeeds in her intent by using Kaine, the deformed clone created in Peter Parker’s laboratory. The resurrected Kraven, however, is not the same as Sasha remembers, in fact in a fit of anger he kills her consort by breaking his neck.

Kraven’s longtime lover and partner, Calypso Ezil shared Kraven’s disgust for Spider-Man and tried to destroy him long after the hunter’s death. In one such attempt, Calypso killed his sister to gain magical powers, which he then used to take control of the Lizard, making him even more savage and brutal and unleashing him against Spider-Man, who can hardly get the better of the Lizard. opponent. Calypso’s anger hasn’t spared the Kravinoff family either, after suffering screen words from his stepbrother Al Karvinoff, Calypso arranges a zombie attack and besieges one of the Kravinoff family’s homes, forcing Spider-Man to side with the family. of the Hunter and to protect them.

Kraven’s eldest son and the Hunt’s only true heir, the Grim Hunter (Grim Hunter) has followed in his father’s footsteps to face Spider-Man himself, but Kaine will kill him. When Sasha resurrected Kraven, she also resurrected the Grim Hunter from the dead as a kind of Kraven’s hybrid beast she doesn’t trust her and she then decides to send him back to the grave.

Kraven’s second son, the mutant Alexei Sergeievich “Alyosha” Kravinoff, received all the gifts from his father, plus the ability to talk to animals. He abandoned his father’s footsteps and moved to Hollywood where he became a successful producer but made the wrong enemies. After seeing her girlfriend die and her life destroyed, Aloysha goes on a murderous spree and enthrones at the “Hunt”. Unfortunately, a mistake made by him during the ceremony for the resurrection of his father puts him in a bad light and from that moment Aloysha loses the respect of the family which leads him to take on a secluded role.

Among the enemies who attempted to kill Aloysha during his time as a producer in Hollywood was Nedrocci Tannengarden, third son of Kraven. But Nedrocci failed miserably and instead ended up dead at the hands of Chameleon.

Ana she is Kraven’s youngest daughter with Sasha. Although she is the only Kravinoff with zero contact with her father, she also appears to be the biggest fan of the family. She eagerly adheres to Sasha’s plan to resurrect her father. Ana unlike her mother survives the murderous rage of her father after the ceremony that resurrected him. She currently hunts her older brother, her only surviving descendant of her, in hopes that killing him will prove her worth to her to Kraven so that he agrees to mentor her.

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