– Manchester United – Merson: Ronaldo’s transfer thwarted Solskjaer’s plans

– I feel sorry for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He had a plan early this season after they finished the last games over second place. He tried for Jadon Sancho for a long time, brought him in, and persuaded Edinson Cavani to go for another year, says Merson.

– You could see his plan. Cavani could play every game, Sancho on one side and Marcus Rashford on the other. There’s Mason Greenwood coming in and swapping positions. You have speed, strength, energy, youth, skill, the whole package.

– Meanwhile, Ronaldo gets just before the start of the season. I think all the plans could have been thrown out the window. From day one they were no better team with Cristiano Ronaldo.

– You don’t achieve a 29-game streak without losing away without a certain style of play. You bring in Sancho for another weapon in this strategy. With Ronaldo in your squad, you don’t have that, because you can’t play counter anymore. Bruno Fernandes was their best player last season. For this it practically does not touch the ball!

– Everything’s stacked up. Solskjaer had a plan but had to cross it before Ronaldo started the season. Manchester United only tried for him because they heard that Manchester City wanted him. It wasn’t that United were asking Juventus if Ronaldo was available because he was the missing link to win the Premier League. Is not!

“They thought: we can’t allow him to go to Manchester City. It’s bad enough that they finish the games higher than we do every year.

Solskjaer tried to drop him from the squad against Everton in early October. People say that he gave him a break, but a week later they had a break for the national team games! He hoped they could beat Everton, and that would justify fielding the same eleven later. It didn’t work out, and he suddenly had to play it again every week.

– They tried 18 months for Jadon Sancho, got him, and he doesn’t play. People say they didn’t need Sancho. Instead, it was perfect for a counterattack-based style of play. Now they can’t counter, and the whole plan has gone to the head.

– Attacks are a problem now. The fans love Ronaldo, he is king. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the best players in the world, but also the team’s Achilles’ heel. This guy is a legend considering his track record, but today is different.

“It’s okay people say, ‘Ronaldo is doing his job, he scores goals.’ But Manchester United has to play like a team to win trophies. They don’t need someone standing in front, packing the ball 20 times a season. They need a team.

– Ronaldo is a legend. I’m not going to criticize him, he will go down in history as one of the best football players.

– I have been collecting all the time since the last day of the transfer window. I have been criticized for saying Ronaldo is a long way from winning the title. It’s not Solskjaer’s fault, Solskjaer didn’t buy him!

– I think they have to find a suitable position for him, it can give him complete freedom. I don’t know if he can be kept in the team. They are not dominant enough in the midfield and without Raphael Varane on the defensive they are thrashing all over the pitch, adds Merson.

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